Finn Farms will be feeding the future. Within a 2.5-acre greenhouse, we can produce fresh greens to serve the needs of the community. The first harvest can be picked after just one month.

At our farm we want to be part of the community. We are excited to serve Southwest Florida and want you to see this amazing technology, taste the products and learn how we are feeding the future.

Your local, pure, greenhouse grown herbs and lettuce. Without pesticides, each crop retains the freshest quality and taste while grown in a controlled environment with impeccable Finnish design and clean organization.

Using hydroponic growing, Finn Farms has created sustainable agriculture that is free the unreliability of traditional crop growing.

Did you know?

Each locally sourced Florida crop is at the mercy of seasonal availability and harvest.

Ethical and ecological.

Finn Farms uses the highest quality material with the environment and population in mind. Using a fully automated seeding line, optimized conditions for sprouting, computer programmed irrigation system, and an enclosed circulatory nutrient system there is minimum nutrition loss. Additionally, there's a biological prevention from insects, meaning no chemicals are used.

Not only does Finn Farms feed our population but we also create new job opportunities and educational experiences in agriculture and greenhouse growing for generations to come.

The population grows globally by about 75 million annually meaning the world needs to produce 50% more to feed that population. Climate change could cut crops by 25% while other forms of natural capital are rapidly depleting. Open field growing demands lots of water, nutrients and acres of land while burdening nature with fertilizers, nutrients and pesticides.

Finn Farms provides the perfect solution. With greenhouse growing, we save 95% of water compared to open field, give 3,000% higher yield, and releases no emissions. Additionally, by providing locally sourced produce, Finn Farms saves on transportation cost and environmental impact because greens are grown locally.

The production is stable and continuous; while new products are starting their growth phase, the same amount are being sold. We have the control and ability to precisely adjust our numbers, cutting down waste.

Finn Farms provides: Higher yield, lower water consumption and complete growth without pesticides or nasty chemicals.

Finn Farms minimizes weather and outside pollution risk with maximum food security and homogenous quality of products.

365 days of growing, guaranteed.

How it works: First the plant trays are filled with pots of growing medium, seeds are then sowed in the pots, then pots are moved into climate-controlled moisturized germination chamber where the pots can be heated of cooled the moved to the plant tables where the plants are watered from above by movable irrigation booms while timed irrigation, heat and light ensure strong root growth.

NTF hydroponic growing system where roots are exposed simultaneous to optimal supplies of water, oxygen and nutrients.
During the process, plants are moved from the transplanting site to the harvesting site automatically where they can be packed in boxes or bags for you to bring home from the supermarket or enjoy on a freshly made entrée from your favorite local restaurant.